Month: April 2017

IBS?  Pitfalls and Paths of the FODMAP Diet

If you have severe IBS symptoms, then a FODMAP diet could be the answer for you.  It eliminates winds, bloating and cramping by severely restricting the ‘sugars’ that ferment in your gut and cause these symptoms. It’s a therapeutic diet, not one meant for standard health improvement because it excludes too many healthy foods.  Changing … Continue reading IBS?  Pitfalls and Paths of the FODMAP Diet

Noakes 1: Bullies 0

Act 1 of this sad health melodrama I feel unexpectedly strongly about the Noakes verdict.  David vs Goliath, evidence vs dogma, and a victory for the individual versus the gang of bullies. So I’m sitting here eating my high carb naartjie and celebrating the Noakes team victory!   I don’t know anyone involved in the HPCSA-Noakes hearing … Continue reading Noakes 1: Bullies 0