Month: May 2017

De-mystifying fat

Everyone’s debating fat with an awful lot of conviction: should it be low carb high fat with lots of animal fat, or high carb low fat with lots of plant fats or …?  You’ve heard it, maybe you’ve even joined the debate?  You know what Noakes says, you know what some dietitians say.  But that’s … Continue reading De-mystifying fat

Are you making your heartburn worse?

Heartburn is humbling.  Bad heartburn is even crippling: it feels like a heart attack in process.  Living with that day after day is not a good recipe for quality of life.  It would be awful to be making it worse because you think you’re doing the right things. Managing the causes of heartburn is often … Continue reading Are you making your heartburn worse?

Is breakfast a have-to?

There are new, interesting studies about whether eating breakfast is a better health option or improves weight loss.  No surprise… we’ve been following a bunch of half-logical assumptions as fact and repeating them so much that everyone believes them.  There are a lot of examples of this in nutrition; remember these: “Margarine is healthy.”  gets … Continue reading Is breakfast a have-to?

An Eye on Medical Marijuana

This innocuous-looking plant is amongst the most contentious on our planet thanks to a history of abuse.  Strangely, in the US it’s used more by the ageing populations than by the youth.  That could be because the marijuana friendly Woodstock-hippies are now that age.  It’s more likely because there are more people in the older generations … Continue reading An Eye on Medical Marijuana