Month: July 2017

MCT Oil a wonder-supplement?

MCT oil is something of a wonder-aid in some circles.  It has been used medically for years as extraordinary nutrition for ill patients, including infants with malabsorption issues.  It bypasses your gall-bladder, so you don’t need bile salts to process it.  Instead it goes straight to your liver for processing, which means people usually tolerate … Continue reading MCT Oil a wonder-supplement?

Raising young adults as a health conscious mother

I’m a bit of a control-freak in some things, so raising kids has been a lesson in flexibility and humility.  I must admit I didn’t always get it right.  I consciously used to work at not laying down my rules when we did crafts together so that it could be a creative, bonding process for … Continue reading Raising young adults as a health conscious mother

Natural, healthy appetite suppressant

Only the uninformed or supremely arrogant (in other words people who’ve never had to battle weight issues) still believe that losing weight is a matter of self-control.  Weight loss is complex and multi-factorial, so no one-size-fits-all approach will work for everyone.  Weight loss isn’t calories in calories out like we used to think it was, … Continue reading Natural, healthy appetite suppressant