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MCT Oil a wonder-supplement?

MCT oil is something of a wonder-aid in some circles.  It has been used medically for years as extraordinary nutrition for ill patients, including infants with malabsorption issues.  It bypasses your gall-bladder, so you don’t need bile salts to process it.  Instead it goes straight to your liver for processing, which means people usually tolerate … Continue reading MCT Oil a wonder-supplement?

Raising young adults as a health conscious mother

I’m a bit of a control-freak in some things, so raising kids has been a lesson in flexibility and humility.  I must admit I didn’t always get it right.  I consciously used to work at not laying down my rules when we did crafts together so that it could be a creative, bonding process for … Continue reading Raising young adults as a health conscious mother

Natural, healthy appetite suppressant

Only the uninformed or supremely arrogant (in other words people who’ve never had to battle weight issues) still believe that losing weight is a matter of self-control.  Weight loss is complex and multi-factorial, so no one-size-fits-all approach will work for everyone.  Weight loss isn’t calories in calories out like we used to think it was, … Continue reading Natural, healthy appetite suppressant

Gelatine for more than just joints

Gelatine is a protein derived from collagen that provides structure and strength to joints, skin, muscles and all connective tissue.  It also does a lot more than we realise.  With a bit more knowledge, you can use this humble ingredient to achieve a lot of health benefits – and avoid some serious pitfalls.   Let’s … Continue reading Gelatine for more than just joints

Health Tip #1: Sour and bitter

That moment when your cheeks cramp together so that your jaw aches, your salivary glands spurt in shock, your face scrunches involuntarily and your whole body focusses on the taste in your mouth. It doesn’t look like it’s good for you, but it is.  Your whole digestive system and it’s complementary functions are being instantaneously kickstarted … Continue reading Health Tip #1: Sour and bitter

Aspartame by another name

A rose by any other name … ?  Aspartame never was a rose, and the smell around it’s use has never been close to as sweet as it’s taste.  It’s an artificial sweetener, there’s nothing real or fresh about it. Now it’s being marketed under a new brand name.  What does  that mean for you? In … Continue reading Aspartame by another name

Marital debate: the purpose of food

Her:  The latest is not soaking beans anymore because it compromises the flavour – they don’t taste as good if they’re pre-soaked.    Him:  [groan] Not another pendulum swing. Her:  But that’s not why we soak beans. We soak them to neutralise some of the phytic acid.  The taste isn’t as important as neutralising the anti-nutrients. … Continue reading Marital debate: the purpose of food

Poo pals: Dealing differently with disastrous digestion

We’ve learnt a lot about our microbiome, the bacteria that live everywhere, in us and on us.  They do much more for our digestion than we ever guessed.  They digest the fibre we eat and make some of the nutrients that are essential to us.  Little bacterial critters also form the bulk of our poo.  Think … Continue reading Poo pals: Dealing differently with disastrous digestion

De-mystifying fat

Everyone’s debating fat with an awful lot of conviction: should it be low carb high fat with lots of animal fat, or high carb low fat with lots of plant fats or …?  You’ve heard it, maybe you’ve even joined the debate?  You know what Noakes says, you know what some dietitians say.  But that’s … Continue reading De-mystifying fat

Are you making your heartburn worse?

Heartburn is humbling.  Bad heartburn is even crippling: it feels like a heart attack in process.  Living with that day after day is not a good recipe for quality of life.  It would be awful to be making it worse because you think you’re doing the right things. Managing the causes of heartburn is often … Continue reading Are you making your heartburn worse?