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De-mystifying fat

Everyone’s debating fat with an awful lot of conviction: should it be low carb high fat with lots of animal fat, or high carb low fat with lots of plant fats or …?  You’ve heard it, maybe you’ve even joined the debate?  You know what Noakes says, you know what some dietitians say.  But that’s … Continue reading De-mystifying fat

Noakes 1: Bullies 0

Act 1 of this sad health melodrama I feel unexpectedly strongly about the Noakes verdict.  David vs Goliath, evidence vs dogma, and a victory for the individual versus the gang of bullies. So I’m sitting here eating my high carb naartjie and celebrating the Noakes team victory!   I don’t know anyone involved in the HPCSA-Noakes hearing … Continue reading Noakes 1: Bullies 0