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Aspartame by another name

A rose by any other name … ?  Aspartame never was a rose, and the smell around it’s use has never been close to as sweet as it’s taste.  It’s an artificial sweetener, there’s nothing real or fresh about it. Now it’s being marketed under a new brand name.  What does  that mean for you? In … Continue reading Aspartame by another name

Marital debate: the purpose of food

Her:  The latest is not soaking beans anymore because it compromises the flavour – they don’t taste as good if they’re pre-soaked.    Him:  [groan] Not another pendulum swing. Her:  But that’s not why we soak beans. We soak them to neutralise some of the phytic acid.  The taste isn’t as important as neutralising the anti-nutrients. … Continue reading Marital debate: the purpose of food